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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Are you fulfilled and successful?

Talking to a group of parents about parenting skills last week, we asked them what would they want most for their kids and most of them replied “To be successful.” When asked about the meaning of success, they said ‘more money’, ‘good college degrees’, ‘peer recognition’, ‘more things’. Nobody spoke about values such as love, compassion, service, and character; until we probed them further.

Not surprising, as this is what our society’s description of success is about. We are inundated with such notions of success in books, magazines, films, seminars, webinars, and blogs. We are force fed stories of how to achieve success in our business and personal lives by doing more, earning more and acquiring more.  This situation has spawned an epidemic of stressed, dissatisfied people, feeling they are yet to cross the line and become successful. On whatever rung some people find themselves on the ‘ladder of success’, there is always somebody else who has one more thing or gadget.

What is this void we are desperately trying to fill?

Too many people are trying to find solutions to their problems based on an old paradigm of separation and lack. Cutting edge scientific research and results are now proving what spirituality has been professing all along: we are all connected to one another; to our bodies, to our planet and ultimately, to the universe. Nature has always given us irrefutable signs that life is abundant. We now need to transpose this fact to ourselves, to become aware that we are whole, that we are enough. Assuming our status of ‘Human Being’ and ceasing to be a ‘Human Becoming’.

Consider this: everything is energy existing at various levels of vibration. Whatever we desire already exists within us. All that is required is for each of us to tune into those frequencies and allow them to emerge or materialize. Albert Einstein said so in his famous statement “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were when we created them.”

Our planet is poised at a time when it needs people who nurture, love and trust. It needs people of character, integrity and fortitude at the helm of governments, companies, work teams and families.    We are on the frontline of a new world that requires all of us to challenge old beliefs that have been rendered useless by events and technological advents, the speed and magnitude of which have never been witnessed before in human history. Maybe we should start by accepting that there is no good or bad, but only our judgement making it so.

There is a new world emerging that requires each of us to embrace new paradigms and walk away from  old beliefs that do not serve us anymore. We must allow our authentic self to guide us so as to lift the veil of illusion that we are not enough or that some part of us is missing unless we acquire some material things. You are already complete and when you fully embrace this truth, you realize that you are fulfilled always.

The next step is to ask yourself: “How can I use my gift to serve in this emerging world?”


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