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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The power of beliefs

Our beliefs create our reality.

What is a belief? It is an unconscious program that has an energy frequency that draws to itself energies of a similar frequency. The thing that keeps you away from your success; be it becoming more wealthy, healthy or passionate is called a Limiting Belief. Self-limiting beliefs have the power to sabotage the very outcome that you desire. 
What determines what is created is the quality of the belief.

You have unlimited potential to attract abundance in all areas of your life. Your belief is what drives your experiences and results. A thought of love, faith or abundance is differentiated from a thought of hate, lack, scarcity or sickness only by its frequency or vibration.

To change the outcome you simply need to change the belief. 

Margaret had spent most of her adult life struggling with her weight. After years of dieting, exercising and fasting, she could not understand why the weight kept coming back. Following a few sessions Margaret uncovered the unconscious limiting beliefs that sabotaged all her efforts.

Questions that will help you draw out your beliefs.

1.    What causes me to be struggling financially/being overweight?
2.    What is preventing from being healthier/being abundant?

 Just thinking about the questions will not provide you the answer. You must actually grab a pen and a writing pad and start writing all the answers that come up. Soon, you’ll have a list of excuses and justifications like: I have no time to exercise; I am too old; I am not educated enough; It runs in the family; I don’t have enough money.

Ask yourself whether each belief helps or hurts you. Does it move you in the direction of your desires or not. Does it empower you or not?
Since beliefs are not facts, you must question the validity of each one by asking “Is this true?”
If you don’t challenge each of these thoughts, you will remain in your comfort zone and continue to vibrate at the same old energy level, getting the same old results.

Install a new belief.

Nature abhors a vacuum. You must replace your self-limiting beliefs with thoughts that are in alignment with your goals; thoughts of a different frequency from a belief based on faith, abundance, love and success. Create an affirmation for each goal. Visualize yourself enjoying your new experience. Think about and feel what it would be like once you have achieved your desire. Be consistent and watch your actions come in alignment with your desires.

Life is big. Be passionate.


  1. love it Hugh and Sylvie....Miss you both...We should try and get to meet somewhere...:) Regards, Prakash

  2. Thanks Prakash,

    Challenging our beliefs is the first step on the road to a passionate life.